NAIL ART : an Asian trend now booming in Europe

Nail Art Japon

The art of finger nail decoration, first seen in Japan and Korea in the early 2000’s was born of a passion for creativity and a love of exuberance.



Both natural and artificial nails (gel or acrylic) can be the canvases for nail art.  While some consumers prefer to purchase their artificial nails already decorated, many enjoy spending time carefully constructing their own personal mini works of arts.  Equally this service is now offered at most outlets that specialize in nail beauty. 



A sign of the times, the must have “do it yourself”, has also taken the blogosphere by storm.  With bloggers giving their advice on designs (, material (, or their favourite fetish product



A wide assortment of products enables creativity and expression through nail art: nail varnish; jewels; stencil stamps; and of course the brushes, whose shapes are specially constructed to meet the need for precision required for this decoration.


 For cosmetics brands, this represents an opportunity to not only capitalize upon an up-and-coming trend- adding value to a well-defined market segment; but to lead the market, placing their brand’s creativity to the fore


In recognition of this trend, Taiki Europe has developed a selection dedicated to nail art.   Careful attention has been made in selecting the type of hair used (in particular to ensure resistance to nail varnish), the shape of the brushes; and the ergonomics of the handle.



Discover Taiki's nail art brushes 







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